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Gift certificates make amazing prizes, allowing our winners to spend their prizes on things the really want. It’s a really simple and easy way to treat or pamper yourself. What girl doesn’t love feeling like a princess? And gift certificates are best way to do it; you could win for yourself or give them as a great gift as gift certificates have been voted the most wished for by women. Not only are they perfect for a Princess but by winning the top gift certificate prize of $100 for free, the feeling just gets better. Princesses can also play bingo for free too! In the free castle bingo game, there are some great prizes available, simply sign-up and play your free tickets, if your numbers come up in the draw you could win. If you are looking to win the chance to shop, you can also play for gift certificates from some of the top clothes and beauty brands.

Our Princess Lotto is any easy way to win gift certificates and unlike sweepstakes games there are no questions to answer and nothing to post. All the lots are drawn at completely random and if your numbers match you’ve won our top prize, see the lotto rules page to find out what you could win.

Lottery games have existed for over 2000 years and in recent times they have become really popular. In the past lottery games would have just include a small group of friends or a community all vying for a portion of the pot, now internet lottery games like Princess Lotto have allowed that small group to expand and present day lotteries are best known for the low stakes and huge prizes.

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